My final week of TV/movie/music challenges for the #nailchallengecollaborative I used #sonsofanarchy as my theme. And of course used my decals for the tattoo/ SOA logo. #nails #notd #nailart #nailporn #naildesign #nailpolish #nailsofinstagram #nailartclub #nailblogger #nailpromote #cutenails #polishaddict

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My final week of TV/movie/music challenges for the #nailchallengecollaborative I used #sonsofanarchy as my theme. And of course used my decals for the tattoo/ SOA logo. #nails #notd #nailart #nailporn #naildesign #nailpolish #nailsofinstagram #nailartclub #nailblogger #nailpromote #cutenails #polishaddict

This weeks Nail Collaboration Challenge mani is dedicated to Divergent. I feel in love with this book so naturally I had to watch the movie. The Ferris Wheel on the index finger are for when Tris and Four climb the Ferris Wheel in the capture the flag game. Probably one of my favorite scenes in the book.  I did a gray base and black sponging because although Tris was Abnegation she was never really Abnegation. The same goes for Dauntless. Then of course the ravens. DUH! If you have not read this book or seen the movie I recommend it.


I really miss Great American Ballpark. So many memories there. Birthday gatherings, work gatherings, opening day in the city, and my first date with my boyfriend. I have been wanting to do a reds mani since Opening Day. I had never done a Ruffian mani before this. They are actually pretty hard. I was pleased with the overall outcome but not 100% sold on the the Ruffian aspect.

I have recently been binge watching “The West Wing” for the second time. It’s not that there isn’t any good TV left to binge. It’s just there isn’t anything left that’s better than a second watch of TWW.

I knew the second I saw this challenge three of the four manis I would do. Supernatural will always be number one in my heart, so I had to move my West Wing nails to the second spot. I couldn’t imagine not utilizing my decals for these challenges. I try to mix up techniques so the mani isn’t just decals. That isn’t exactly challenging or festive. I used my new Mundo De Unas stamping polishes and Bundle Monster H25 to stamp the Stars and Stripes on my index finger. I used decals in the following three nails. In case you can’t tell, the pinkie is the sun setting behind The Capitol Building.
I painted the sun and grass with acrylic paint.

This is one if my favorite manicures I have ever done. That’s saying a lot because I am a harsh critic 😝 you can ask punkrockangel, she will vouch for me.

This is a very exciting post for me. I have not been on my blog much (I have been sticking to IG). Thanks to the lovely ladies of The Nail Challenge Collaborative group allowing me to join the club. I have been enjoying their challenges for awhile now, so to be apart if this group excites me. Thank you to all the ladies involved. This months theme is Movies/TV/Music. So naturally I had to do more Supernatural nails. I had been toying with the idea of doing something dedicated to Abbadon/Josie since I fell in love with her last week. So I took to my printer and made some decals. In order to explain my nails I would have to give spoilers soI won’t be able to do that. So I am sorry to the people that don’t get what these images are. If you would like to know what the represent you can message me and I would be glad to explain :)