Butter London Black Knight v. Zoya Storm

I did a comparison of my new love Zoya storm against Butter London Black Knight. On my right hand I did pinky, middle, and thumb in Black Knight. Ring and pointer are Storm. 

This is one coat of each. Storm could be used as a “one coater” if you were in a rush. 


Pointer and ring finger are Storm. Pinky, middle and thumb are Black Knight in sunlight.  Storm has more of a scattered holo effect, whereas BK is just sparkly. Both polish have great sparkle to them, but in BK the pink glitter dominates. In Storm it just looks like silver glitter until the light hits it. 

Indoors no flash BL Black Knight and Zoya Storm. 

I also saw someone say the would much rather use a basic black with China Glaze Fairy Dust over it. I thought “no way, storm is so much prettier”. Here are the pics. I will let you guess which one is which. 



Storm is again pointer and ringer finger. Black with ChG Fairy Dust is pinky, middle, and thumb. I think if you don’t want to pay for zoya you are much better using a cheap black and Fairy Dust. Then you can use FD over all your mani’s not just have a black glitter. However, I still like Storm the best and I say buy it :)