I am using A England St. George today. This is such a beautiful color after one coat. After I added the second coat it took away a lot of the holo sparkle and made it way to dark. The polish is a bit thick and a nightmare to work with in my opinion. It was opaque after one coat, so that’s good news. I just had no control of this polish. And of course being such a dark color it stains your skin. Even though this sucked to work with, it’s still such a beautiful color to wear. I stamped the butterflies using Winstonia plate 4. There are a ton of 10% off codes for the Winstonia plates. They really are great plates and honestly the best I have used so far. I don’t have BM3 yet, but I think these are better :) If you want to buy the plates you can go here¬†. I know there is a 10% code off using “packapunchpolish”. But there are tons out there if you don’t want to use hers.¬†